Lost Yoko

"Lost Yoko started as a project back in 2009 when I had to move to Columbus Ohio to take a designer position at a headquarter for a global retail brand .

Having to live in many metropolitan cities all over the world growing up, it was an ironic cultural shock moving to the midwest in America. I never understood the concept of sub-urban lifestyle and it was hard for me to adjust and adapt in the beginning. I felt out of the place most of the time, not growing up with a beautiful domestic lifestyle in the midwest.

It was when I realized why I was so attracted to that portrait of my mother from the late 1950s post war Japan. I was very lost to where I was and where I was going. In fact, I have always felt that way growing up very multi-cultural.

The 36 inches by 40 inches acrylic painting of this portrait started it all, which led to vinyl stickers being tagged in the city of Columbus.  

Today, Yoko can be found anywhere she travels and her journey continues wherever she takes herself to. I want to remind people that you are not alone even if you feel like you don't belong where you are.

Please feel free to take a picture of her if you ever find her anywhere and send me an email."

- Reina